PsyPea - An Audio Visualizer

My team mate and I worked on an audio visualizer. The idea was to use a microprocessor to take input as sound and convert it into a visual display.
We built this device to visualize an audio (e.g. music) signal. Just as music is perceived through the cochlea in our inner ears and processed in several parts of our brain, principally in the auditory cortex, we followed a similar process of detection and analysis through the micro controller.
We developed an audio visualizer that takes in an audio signal from an mp3 player, computer, or cell phone, uses Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to extract frequency bands (4 or more) and visualizes them on an array of 40 LEDs. Also developed a custom method of using the LED array to visually communicate the audio to the user.
This is a poster explaining the audio visualizer. View the full size poster here.

We laser cut acrylic sheets to create the parts for the peacock and used neopixels to diaply the audio visualization. These are some images of the final prototype.