Educational Programming Tool Redesign

I worked on a review and redesign of an Educational Programming Tool along with my team-mates Monet Spells and John Dugan. We picked CodingBat as our target tool and began by listing out the pros and cons. I felt like the tool had a lot of potential but people weren’t inclined to use it because it was very difficult to navigate. So we decided to redesign the website and created a prototype that would be more user friendly and easier to learn.

This is our proposed redesign for the Java Problems page:

This is our proposed redesign for the Example Problem page:
This was the video we created after completing the review to showcase our findings:

We started by listing out all the features we liked and disliked and suggested improvements for the tool.

Step 1: Characterise the tool. What is it for? What does it do?

Step 2: Characterise the audience. What does the audience they know before encountering the tool?

Step 3: Describe how the tool is designed to match to the audience. Why did the designers think this would work for learning programming for that audience?

Step 4: What are the strengths of this tool?

Step 5: What are the weaknesses of this tool?

Step 6: Our improvements / suggestions:

Step 7: Interesting – Not good or bad