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Engage is a web application + wearable to help stay at home dad's seamlessly re-enter the workforce. It aims to connect fathers with other fathers, industry professionals, and jobs. Our website and digital business card combine to offer a unique experience that enables easier communication between stay-at-home fathers and industry professionals looking to hire them.

Who is a stay-at-home dad?
A stay-at-home dad (alternatively, stay at home father, at home father, house dad, SAHD, house husband, or house-spouse) is a father who is the primary caregiver of at least one child under the age of 18 and/or is the homemaker of the household. It is important to distinguish that this demographic encompasses a variety of experiences, including fathers who do not work by choice, single and primary caretakers of their children, fathers who work part time in order to be primary caretakers in relationships where their partner provides more financial support, and fathers who are unable to work either because they are unemployed or because they are disabled.The definition is usually framed to exclude those fathers who are unemployed not by choice, or unemployed and not the primary caretakers of their children, but we also included fathers who may be ambiguously within these bounds or seeking employment because of our interest in the job seeking process incidentally through our research. Our goal was to focus on self-identified stay at home dads or primary caretakers.

We followed a four step process in order to create the website and wearable.
The first step involved detailing the problem space that we are addressing, its set of pertinent users, and the issues and constraints that are involved in the problem. We also performed an interpretive evaluation of existing systems to help us learn more about it. We also identified important characteristics of the problem that could potentially influence our subsequent design. We created a persona from a person that we interviewed. We then conducted task analysis and comparative analysis.

This is the diagram we created to help visualize the task analysis.

The complete report on the formative research can be accessed by clicking the link below.

First report

In the second stage of the process we developed a set of design alternatives for the problem. Informed brainstorming was used in order to do this. In our first brainstorming session, we used a 7-­‐minute timer to guide our brainstorming. As everyone said their ideas out loud, I acted as a scribe and noted down every idea. The result of all the idea's was this broad concepts diagram.

After this, we focused on gathering specific design ideas to solve the problem. During the idea selection phase we combined and modified the ideas to create three design concepts.
  1. Social connection/networking: Exclusive
    • Offline solution
    • Online solution
    • O2O system
  2. Resources for stay at home dads keeping in touch of industry
  3. Building skills while out of work
    • System that can motivate stay at home dads to get through the job process.
    • Resources that allow stay at home dads improve skills.
    • Allow people to log process
    • Track progress in job application

    We began by creating very low fidelity wireframes and mockups such as this:

    Then we created a poster on all of our design alternatives.

    The complete report on the design alternatives can be accessed by clicking the link below.

    Second report

    In the third stage we implemented our design. The tie clip was 3D printed and we stuck an NFC chip on the back of the tie clip to enable the digital business card to be viewed. We created the website that would be used by the stay at home dads using HTML5, CSS and PHP.

    The complete report on the final website can be accessed by clicking the link below.

    Third report

    The fourth stage was evaluation where we used different evaluation methods such as expert evaluation, user based testing and automated testing to evaluate the functions and effectiveness of the website we had created.

    This is the final poster we presented to give an overview of the website and wearable we designed. Click here to view the full size version.
    These are some images of the final website.
    This is our team!